Monthly Archives: January 2016

Mr Loophole Says Government Needs To Shut Door On “Driving Ban-Get-Out-Loopholes”

A leading traffic lawyer has said that the Government should act to close a loophole that allows drivers who have “ridiculously” high number of penalty points on their licence from legally staying on the roads. Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said the time has now come for a review of legislation which gives motorists one more chance of avoiding disqualification for six months, if they can prove this would result in “exceptional hardship”. He said: “It was always intended by Parliament that exceptional hardship should only be advanced once in…Read more

Force Cyclists To Use Designated Cycle Lanes, Says Mr Loophole

Cyclists should be forced to use designated cycle lanes, leading traffic lawyer Nick Freeman has said. Whilst cyclists are encouraged to use specially marked sections of highways and footpaths, many ignore them, choosing instead to ride their bicycles on the main carriageway. Now Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, is calling on Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin to make it mandatory for cyclists to use these facilities, which have been paid for from the public purse. Mr Freeman cited London’s new super cycle highway as a classic example where £160m of public…Read more