Monthly Archives: June 2016

How Will Brexit Effect My Driving Licence?

Okay so we are a few days into our post-referendum country and there are so many discussions as how the exit vote is going to change things. It is very early days and seemingly the “exit” camp are quite surprised about their narrow victory and information about what happens next is a bit sketchy. All we do know at this stage is that nothing major is going to happen quickly. One issue that has been raised a few times through social media is, what will happen about the UK’s European…Read more

Sir Cliff Richard – The Damage Is Done

So here we are at the end of the Sir Cliff Richard Sex Allegation circus only to hear that the case has been dropped by the CPS. This is after a 2-year police investigation where the media has served every sordid titbit to an ever-hungry public, seemingly with the blessing of the police. A 2-year investigation that has reportedly cost around £800,000. So what do we have at the end of the investigation? We have a man who’s reputation has been totally traduced and a career spanning decades tarnished beyond…Read more