Monthly Archives: July 2016

Freeman & Co Further Strengthens In-House Team

Celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman has further strengthened the in-house team at his Manchester practice with the appointment of a talented senior solicitor. Damien Simmonds, who has spent his entire legal profession working in the North West, will work closely with “Mr Loophole” assisting him on road traffic cases, which is his particular speciality. Mr Freeman, who is the country’s most high-profile defence solicitor, said: “I’m delighted to welcome Damien to our growing team in what is proving to be one of our busiest years on record. “Damien brings with him…Read more

13 Motoring Laws You May Have Broken Without Knowing It

The Highway Code is full of tasty bits of motoring law trivia. However, it's amazing how after we pass our driving test some of us seem to throw the Highway Code away and never pay heed to it again. So just as a small reminder for some of you, and may be a bit of fun, here are 13 motoring laws you may have broken without even knowing it. You can stop on a road with a single yellow line to collect or drop people off however, you are not…Read more

Will The Tesla Crash Slow Down Self Driving Cars – Not On Your Life

After the tragic death of a test driver for the Tesla Autopilot car, you may have through that the technology race would take a breath. However, that is just not the case. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has been a driving force about the repaid development of their Autopilot system. About its ability to keep a car in 1 lane, avoid accidents and use cameras to understand its surroundings. However, Tesla has been criticised for what has been described as an aggressive strategy and its willingness to introduce the technology even…Read more