Monthly Archives: December 2016

Statement re “Killer drivers on mobiles to get life”

Responding to the news that the Government was considering introducing new legislation that see drivers receiving life sentences if convicted of killing someone whilst using a mobile phone, Nick Freeman, the country’s leading road traffic lawyer, said: “The new legislation is a dangerous route to go down as it could mean there is too much emphasis placed on the consequence of the driving as opposed to the driving itself. “In respect to death by dangerous driving, the current law is adequate, but it’s the sentencing guidelines that need to be…Read more

Figures Reveal Yawning Between Speeders Caught By Cameras Compared To Police Officers

Figures obtained by the country’s leading traffic lawyer reveal the yawning gulf between motorists caught speeding by fixed cameras, and those caught by uniformed traffic officers. The statistics – acquired by Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, under the Freedom of Information of Act from six forces - comes the day after the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) called for even more average speed cameras to help reduce air pollution on the nation’s A roads. In 2011, Merseyside Police caught a total of 48,675 drivers for speeding -…Read more