How Will Brexit Effect My Driving Licence?

Okay so we are a few days into our post-referendum country and there are so many discussions as how the exit vote is going to change things. It is very early days and seemingly the “exit” camp are quite surprised about their narrow victory and information about what happens next is a bit sketchy. All we do know at this stage is that nothing major is going to happen quickly. One issue that has been raised a few times through social media is, what will happen about the UK’s European…Read more

Sir Cliff Richard – The Damage Is Done

So here we are at the end of the Sir Cliff Richard Sex Allegation circus only to hear that the case has been dropped by the CPS. This is after a 2-year police investigation where the media has served every sordid titbit to an ever-hungry public, seemingly with the blessing of the police. A 2-year investigation that has reportedly cost around £800,000. So what do we have at the end of the investigation? We have a man who’s reputation has been totally traduced and a career spanning decades tarnished beyond…Read more

Celebrity Lawyer “Mr Loophole” Jumps On Harrogate Battle Bus Ticketing Row!

The country’s leading road traffic lawyer has jumped on the Harrogate Vote Leave battle bus ticketing row. Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, called Harrogate Borough Council’s decision to pursue a parking enforcement notice after initially rescinding it as “yoyo” ticketing, and “tantamount to an abuse of process”. Yesterday the bright red bus – parked in Harrogate town centre – was issued with a fixed penalty notice for allegedly parking illegally. Ten minutes later, the same traffic warden who issued the ticket returned, having received advice, and removed it from the…Read more

Interview On TV For Anonymity For Defendants In Sex Cases

Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, today appeared on the This Morning TV programme in relation to the sexual offence allegations being levied at Sir Cliff Richard. A strong advocate for the anonymity for defendants in sex cases, Nick has often spoken out about anonymity being granted to both alleged victims and defendants in sex cases. This is of course, subject to the discretion of the presiding Judge and where the public needs protection. Allegations of a sexual nature are damning to the defendant and have a dramatic effect on their…Read more

Introduce Shock Tactics In To Driving Test, Says Mr Loophole

Shock tactics including experiencing crashes in a simulator, driving on a “skid pan” and attending lectures by an accident investigator with accompanying video evidence, should be included in the UK driving test, a leading motoring lawyer has said. Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said the time had come for a full overhaul of the national driving test to boost driving standards, increase confidence and lower accidents, particularly amongst those who had recently passed the current two-part examination. Mr Freeman said whilst the driving test taught drivers how to reverse around…Read more

Police Turning Blind Eye To Law-Breaking Cyclists, Claims Nick “Mr Loophole” Freeman

Police are turning an increasingly blind eye to cyclists breaking the law, the country’s top traffic lawyer has claimed. Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said that despite cycling as a mode of transport rising sharply nationwide in the last decade, only 839 cyclists in the whole of London were fined last year for riding on pavements, compared to 6,423 in 2011. In Manchester, 189 were fined for the same offence in 2011, but last year this had slumped to just 43. Its officers also fined just four cyclists last year…Read more

The Need For Defendant Anonymity In Sex Cases

For quite some time I have been calling for a level playing field in sex cases. The issue is that regarding an equality of anonymity for the defendant along with the alleged victim. Being arrested and charged for any criminal offence can be a distressing time but for those who are alleged to have committed sexual offences, the problems are far reaching. As early as the first court appearance, the defendant can have his name published and that they have been arrested for a sexual offence. Our society views sexual…Read more

Mr Loophole Welcomes Calls For Lower Drink Drive Limit In England

The country’s most high profile traffic lawyer has welcomed news that ministers are looking at lowering England’s drink drive limit. Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said bringing England’s alcohol limits in line with much of Europe – including Scotland which lowered its in December 2014 – was long overdue. Mr Freeman added: “We boast the highest drink drive limit of any EU member state and I’m delighted that ministers are making the right noises. “At the current 80mg level the chances of a driver having an accident increase four-fold. This…Read more

Roads Minister’s Drink Drive Limit U-Turn “Car Crash Without Barriers”, Says Mr Loophole

Traffic lawyer Nick Freeman has called the roads minister’s U-turn on reducing the drink drive limit in England as a “car crash without barriers!” Earlier today it was reported that Andrew Jones MP was looking at reducing the current limit from 80mg to 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood, to put it in line with most of Europe, including Scotland. However, just a few hours later, the Department of Transport said there would be no review and Mr Jones, MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough, said he believed rigorous enforcement…Read more

Mr Loophole Says Government Needs To Shut Door On “Driving Ban-Get-Out-Loopholes”

A leading traffic lawyer has said that the Government should act to close a loophole that allows drivers who have “ridiculously” high number of penalty points on their licence from legally staying on the roads. Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said the time has now come for a review of legislation which gives motorists one more chance of avoiding disqualification for six months, if they can prove this would result in “exceptional hardship”. He said: “It was always intended by Parliament that exceptional hardship should only be advanced once in…Read more