Force Cyclists To Use Designated Cycle Lanes, Says Mr Loophole

Cyclists should be forced to use designated cycle lanes, leading traffic lawyer Nick Freeman has said. Whilst cyclists are encouraged to use specially marked sections of highways and footpaths, many ignore them, choosing instead to ride their bicycles on the main carriageway. Now Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, is calling on Transport Minister Patrick McLoughlin to make it mandatory for cyclists to use these facilities, which have been paid for from the public purse. Mr Freeman cited London’s new super cycle highway as a classic example where £160m of public…Read more

Mr Loophole Slams South Yorkshire Police “Judge & Jury” Christmas Anti Drink Drive Campaigns

The country’s most high profile traffic lawyer has accused South Yorkshire Police of acting as “judge and jury” in its Christmas anti-drink drive campaign. Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said the action by the force – which has seen them using social media to publish the names and ages of those “caught” drink driving - went against the fundamental presumption of innocent until proven guilty. Last year, Staffordshire Police said it would not be repeating its #DrinkDriversNamedOnTwitter campaign, after the Information Commissioner’s Office said naming people who had only been…Read more

Leave The Mistletoe At Home This Christmas Party Season, Warns Mr Loophole

A leading criminal lawyer is warning revellers who drink too much at their office Christmas party that they could wake up with more than a hangover! Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said that in a number of instances which had started as a “kiss under the mistletoe” would, in some cases, end with a charge of sexual assault or rape when morning-after guilt had kicked in. Earlier this year, the lawyer – who has successfully defended clients including actors, premier league footballers and rock stars – urged those consuming alcohol…Read more

Driverless Cars Will Drive Need For New Legislation, Says Mr Loophole

The country’s leading traffic lawyer has said a raft of new legislation will have to be introduced if driverless cars take to Britain’s roads. Nick Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, said if an autonomous vehicle was involved in an accident, then passengers, manufacturers and even those who programmed the vehicle could potentially find themselves in the dock. The celebrity lawyer, whose clients include a string of A-list celebrities, said: “The manufacturers of these so-called autonomous cars claim their inventions will improve road safety, as they will not be exposed to the…Read more

Cycle Rage Should Be Criminalised, Says Lawyer Nick Freeman

Pedestrians and motorists are coming under an increasing barrage of abuse from lawless and anonymous cyclists, said the country’s leading traffic lawyer. Nick Freeman said “cycle rage” was now so commonplace the government must act immediately to curb this provocative and anti-social behaviour, which not only endangered cyclists, but also placed drivers and pedestrians at unnecessary risk of injury and stress. Mr Freeman added that the key to this was to remove the veil of cycling anonymity by forcing those riding bikes to carry identification plates. The “Loophole” lawyer said:…Read more

Urgent Review Of Time Limits On Police Bail, Says Defence Lawyer Nick Freeman

A full review into the ever increasing police policy of arresting suspects under a blaze of publicity, and then keeping them on bail for month after month, is being called for by a leading criminal defence lawyer. Nick Freeman said a string of recent cases – many involving high profile individuals – demonstrated that police were prematurely arresting suspects before their investigations had reached an appropriate stage. The Loophole lawyer, who began his career prosecuting for Greater Manchester police, said an arrest should only be made once officers had reasonable…Read more

Mr Loophole Says New Law Which Bans Smoking Ban In Cars With Children Too Soft!

A new law banning motorists from smoking in cars if under 18s are present has been branded “too soft” by the country’s leading traffic lawyer. Ardent anti-smoker Nick Freeman said that whilst he was broadly supportive of the incoming legislation - which, from Thursday will see motorists fined £50 if they are caught smoking in a vehicle in the presence of a child – he also questioned how it would be policed. Mr Freeman, aka Mr Loophole, who has never had a cigarette in his life, said: “Whilst I congratulate…Read more